With You on the Road Ahead

Before we introduce ourselves, chances are we’ve already met. If you’ve driven down an open road in our beautiful country we’ve been right there with you, keeping you safe.

As the largest manufacturer of water management and drainage solutions in Canada, our products are woven into the landscape almost everywhere you look. We deliver a framework of function, pathways for people, and structures for life.

Over a Century of Innovation

Privately owned and publicly loved, Armtec has spent over 110 years supplying the most innovative drainage equipment, dynamically designed to support roadways, stormwater, rehabilitation, and erosion control.

Armtec excels in providing custom, cost-effective solutions that will bring clarity to even the most challenging projects. We also understand the importance of keeping your projects on time and within budget.

Along the way, we’ve sourced the top steel and plastic suppliers and made them a part of the Armtec family, so you get the best products on demand.

Simplifying the Complexities of Water Management

Navigating the landscape of water management and infrastructure design may feel like a complicated matter, but we take great pride in making it simple for you.

When our engineering expertise and unique approach to customer service align, you can count on innovative infrastructure that keeps your projects flowing forward.   

Ready to begin? We’ll take it from here.

Trust the largest manufacturer of water management and infrastructure solutions in Canada

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