Tunnel Liner Plate

Tunnel Liner Plate is one of the most versatile segmental corrugated steel plate systems on the market today. Designed specifically for lining soft ground tunnels and relining existing conduits under highways and railroads, its applications extend to caissons, vertical shafts, mine entries and much more. Since complex tunnel lining equipment is not required, installation is quick and easy with minimal disruption to road users and the surrounding environment. A variety of material options and coatings are available to optimize service life requirements.

Features & Benefits
• Assembled from inside the tunnel and grouted at regular intervals to provide a safe working environment
• Lightweight plates can be hand-carried into a confined space
• Variety of shapes and sizes available for horizontal or vertical installation
• A cost effective solution for the rehabilitation of failing structures
• Only two basic parts (plates and fasteners) - no special skills are required for assembly

Tunnel Liner Plate Project Inquiry Form:

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