Total Precast Solutions

An accelerated & energy-efficient turn-key solution

Total precast solutions provide many benefits:  structural, architectural, environmental, cost and schedule

•Structural – our precast / prestressed elements allow for a robust and fire resistant solution. Armtec is an advocate of integrated designs where all trades are collaborating as early as the preliminary design phase. More efficient depth/span ratio in having prestressed members with longer spans and shallow depths.  (ie. Hollowcore slabs, beams)

•Architectural – Our external insulated wall panels are used to provide 3 benefits: architectural, efficient building envelope and structural integrity all in one element. There are many architectural finishes, textures, reveals, stain colours, pigment colours, sand blast, acid edging that can be used to give architects freedom and flexibility of expressing their creativity.

•Environmental – Total precast solutions can design as per energy efficient requirements. In fact, there are already precast concrete residential structures that are net zero energy.  Precast/ prestressed structural elements can span longer distances and carry more load capacity than conventional concrete designs, hence reducing materials. Moreover, there are many LEED credits that can given to Total precast buildings due regional proximity, use of fly ash in concrete, off site construction to name a few.  There are also life cycle studies providing proof of the enhance durability features of precast solutions.

•Cost – Total Precast concrete solutions are design to be competitive in the market on an initial cost basis; however, additional cost benefits lie on speed of construction and life cycle cost.

•Schedule – There is no doubt that total precast construction can speed up the schedule. For example, a four storey residential building of 200,000 sq. ft can be erected in 10 to 12 weeks. This will include structural, building envelope, and architectural finish.

Total precast solutions use exterior panels with continuous insulation with R values to meet customer requirements.  Special design and concrete with connection material is used to minimize any thermal conductivity and gain energy efficiency.

St. Teresa Place Continuing Care Facility:

  • The St. Teresa Place Continuing Care facility in Calgary, Alberta is a total precast supportive living building and a successful collaboration between Armtec Precast, Covenant Care, FWBA...MORE

The Rise Condos are #proudlyprecast:

  • Once complete at the end of this year, the seven-storey condo will boast 109 units of open floor plans in a tastefully modern building.

    Built by Winnipeg’s StreetSide...MORE

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