Multi-Plate & Super-Span Bridges

Multi-Plate is a versatile and economical bridge and culvert product that can be custom designed for almost any application. It is most commonly used as the steel element of a buried soil-steel structure, but it can also be part of free-standing structures such as rock fall protection, conveyer tunnels, caissons and more. This Structural Plate Corrugated Steel Pipe (SPCSP) component system is made of specially designed curved and corrugated galvanized steel plates. Structures are easily assembled in the field and installed using light construction equipment. Strata-CAT polymer coating is available for added protection in corrosive or acidic environments.

Features & Benefits
• Variety of shapes and custom structures available
• Economical shipments with nested bundles 
• Easy installation – no specialized lifting equipment, tools or skills required
• Optimized designs to meet your specific needs

Multi-Plate Project Inquiry Form:

  • Multi-Plate Project Inquiry Form


Big Slough Reline:

  • Multi-Plate, a proven and versatile product since 1934, continues to provide cost effective reline and stream crossing solutions. Armtec has a history of striving for excellence and is...MORE

Endako Expansion Escape Tunnel:

  • The Endako Mine is a Molybdenum mine located near Fraser Lake, approximately 160km west of Prince George, British Columbia. Thompson Creek Mining needed to lower the cost of ore production...MORE

Multi-Plate Reclaim Tunnel:

  • Polaris Minerals Corporation, based in Vancouver, British Columbia, is focused on supplying construction aggregates from Vancouver Island, BC, to coastal urban markets on the western seaboard...MORE

Mine Trucks Underpass Tunnels:

  • Cerro Verde Mine is an open-pit copper and molybdenum complex near Arequipa in southern Peru.  In operation since 1916, it is one of Peru’s oldest copper mines.  With demands...MORE

Alberta Flooding: Local Knowledge and Intelligent Design of Culvert Structures Yield Improved Efficiency and Durability:

  • In late June of this year, record flooding in Alberta washed out the Trans-Canada Highway where it crossed Cougar Creek, in Canmore. Reports of up to 300 mm of rain in the area in little more...MORE

Fish Friendly, Cost Effective Bridge Replacement for BC MoT:

  • The B.C. Ministry of Transportation (MoT) was faced with the challenge of improving fish passage through the McDonald Creek/Highway 6 crossing, via an existing 3.4 m diameter Armco Multi-Plate...MORE

Corrugated Steel Pipe used in Sewer Reline at Busy Hwy Intersections:

  • With over 320,000 vehicles per day the intersection of Highways 401, 403 and 410 in Mississauga, Ontario, is one of the busiest in North America. At the same location can be found the...MORE

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