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Engineered precast concrete products and systems with integrated design

Armtec manufactures numerous engineered precast concrete products and systems with integrated design process in mind. Armtec works collaboratively with design firms, owners, consultants and contractors taking a holistic design approach to design and install a vast array of precast systems.

This approach is economical for our customer as the system is manufactured off-site, in a safe and controlled environment and faster than traditional cast-in-place alternatives. Armtec’s expertise in precast design ensures durability and resilient structures that will satisfy the requirements of all our customers.

Armtec can help with various type of industrial, infrastructure and engineered systems:

• Blast/Fire Rated Structures Custom Tanks
• Compressor Machinery Pump Jack Bases
• Containment/Dike Wall
• Custom Modular Manholes
• Custom Trench Structures
• Dam Structures
• Foundations (Shallow & Deep)
• Grade Beams
• Heavy Duty Operation Building Structures
• Inspection Pits
• Pipe Racks
• Pipeline Crossing Structures
• Pipeline Protection Slabs
• Sumps
• Wastewater Treatment Plant/Structures
• Weir, Head, Cut-Off Walls

Fort Hills Mine - Secondary Extraction:

  • The owner, Fort Hills Energy LP and their EPC, Sunlake Co., Ltd (SK E&C) engaged Armtec at an early stage of the project. They were looking for design input on the precast concrete wick...MORE

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