Armtec offers a variety of galvanized steel guard rail systems designed to absorb the shock of impact and guide vehicles in the direction of the traffic flow, reducing the tendency for out-of-control vehicles to rebound into traffic.

FLEAT 350 Guardrail System

The FLEAT 350 (Flared Energy Absorbing Terminal) is an energy absorbing flared terminal. The flare is straight and the offset is variable anywhere between 2’6″ and 4’0″. The FLEAT is 37’6″ long and has seven breakaway posts.

Features & Benefits
• Reduces nuisance impacts
• Unique design brings vehicles to a controlled stop
• FLEAT functions like a guardrail when impacted on the side, safely redirecting vehicles

Flex-Beam Guardrail

Flex-Beam guardrails are a widely accepted highway safety product used around the world. They provide both traffic delineation and protection in the event of vehicular loss of control.  They are installed in the median of a divided highway, or along the curb lanes of highways and two-lane roads.

Features & Benefits
• Absorbs the shock of vehicle impact and guides the vehicle in the direction of the traffic flow
• Reduces the tendency for out-of-control vehicles to rebound into the path of following or oncoming traffic
Galvanized Thrie-Beam Guardrails
Armtec’s galvanized thrie-beam guardrails offer superior performance in areas of high-impact frequency or greater concentrations of heavy vehicles, such as bridge barriers.
Features & Benefits
• Designed with a larger face than standard guardrails to reduce deflections and improve resistance to overturning vehicles