ACRYLITE® Soundstop Ready-Fit Panels

Frame-and-panel assemblies for integrating into ground-mounted barriers

•Easily integrated to other Armtec noise barrier systems

•Light allowance into homeowners' properties

•Lightweight sheets

•Extremely resistant to weathering

•Low maintenance

Incorporating Acrylite® Soundstop transparent noise barrier sheets, precast noise barrier panels can be substituted by Ready-Fit Panels anywhere on a noise wall where an opening for light and view is desired. The result is a cost-effective “win-win” solution to visibility and noise abatement problems.

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OC Transpo Industrial Bus Garage:

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Transparent ACRYLITE Soundstop Panels:

  • After fifteen years of requests by the residents of the Vimont neighbourhood, noise barriers are currently being installed along highway 440, in Laval.

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