Armtec and Envision partner to reduce air and noise pollution with SmogStop™

Armtec and Envision partner to reduce air and noise pollution with SmogStop™

Concord, Ontario –Envision SQ (“Envision”) and Armtec LP (“Armtec”) announced today that they have entered into a licensing agreement to exclusively market and sell Envision’s innovative, pollution-reducing barrier SmogStop™. With a unique aerodynamic design and sunlight-activated technology, SmogStop Barrier promises to be the “first product of its kind in the world to dramatically reduce air pollution and traffic noise for people who live and work near roadways and railways”, says Scott Shayko, Envision’s President and CEO.

SmogStop will help to enhance an already strong product portfolio for Armtec, North America’s leading noise barrier solution provider with already established brands such as Durisol® and Acrylite®. “Adding an innovative product of this magnitude to our portfolio is extremely exciting for us”, says Andrew Rush, Armtec’s Soundwall Systems Vice President / General Manager.  “As populations continue to grow around major city centers, and commuter traffic increases, there is going to be a growing need for pollution mitigation systems.  We feel that we have found an ideal partner in Envision and a truly exceptional solution with SmogStop.”

The SmogStop Barrier is made of transparent acrylic with a patented photocatalytic coating that reacts with sunlight to capture smog-producing nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and reduce them to harmless gases such as nitrogen and oxygen, dramatically cutting ground-level pollution. Its patented aerodynamic design funnels dirty air upwards where it mixes with cleaner air, diluting pollution and directing it away from surrounding neighbourhoods.

“Our partnership with industry leader Armtec will bring the SmogStop Barrier to urban centres across North America, improving air quality and reducing traffic noise to make our cities healthier, more enjoyable places to live,” Shayko said. “Seeing our SmogStop technology enter the marketplace for the first time is a tremendous milestone, and we are thrilled to join Armtec in making this innovation a fixture of the urban landscape that improves the quality of life for millions of people.”

Wind tunnel tests at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology have shown that a single kilometre of SmogStop Barrier removes an estimated 16 tonnes of NOx from the air each year; the amount of pollution produced by 200,000 vehicles on that length or road. Construction and field testing of a full scale prototype is expected to take place in October and is a joint effort between Armtec, Evonik Industries, Powell Contracting Ltd. and Brennan Paving and Construction Ltd.

About Armtec

Armtec LP, an affiliate of Brookfield Asset Management, is a manufacturer and marketer of a comprehensive range of infrastructure products and engineered construction solutions for customers in a diverse cross-section of industries that are located in every region of Canada, as well as in selected markets globally. These markets include Canada’s national and regional public infrastructure markets and private-sector markets in agricultural drainage, commercial building, residential construction and natural resources. Armtec operates through a network of offices and production facilities across the country. Armtec operates in two business units: Drainage Solutions manufactures and markets corrugated high-density polyethylene pipe, corrugated steel pipe and other drainage related products, including small bridge structures. Precast Concrete Solutions manufactures and markets highly engineered precast systems such as parking garages, bridges, sport venues and building envelopes as well as standard precast products such as steps, paving stones and utility vaults. Learn more at .

About Envision SQ

Envision SQ is a research and development company that creates innovative air pollution control technologies to provide healthier environments for families and communities around the world. The company’s first product is the SmogStop™ Barrier, a transparent, aerodynamic barrier that reduces air pollution and traffic noise along transportation corridors, lowering smog-related health risks for the people who live and work nearby. Envision SQ is based in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Learn more at